During the December meeting, the whole club enjoyed watching the movie Elf, snuggling up in their cars, and snacking on the popcorn in the goodie bags that were given!! It was the first time since March that the club could see each other (from a distance). I personally really enjoyed how Julie, our 4H club leader, made this meeting fun and safe for all members!! In the beginning of the meeting, everyone was asked  to stand in front of their cars and dance to the Macarena. Awards were also presented while club members cheered each other on! 


I like how this meeting allowed us to take a break from the stress of this pandemic and have fun while dancing, and getting in the holiday spirit by watching a funny holiday movie. I think this helped the club be interactive while having fun. I’ve been in 4H for four years and I like how the club was able to come up with such creative, fun ideas during this pandemic.


Olivia Blomquist

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